Detective Company in Da Nang

Detective Company in Da Nang

Detective company in Da Nang prestige, the most quality today? What is a reputable detective office? What is the cost of renting a detective in Da Nang?

Detective Company in Da Nang

Da Nang is the fastest growing city and the most developed economy in Central Vietnam. High life, many implications of the social situation here is more complex. And the service sector is growing, including the detective service sector in Da Nang. Recognizing that development, Thanh Phat Detective Service Company was established in Da Nang in 2010, setting a mission to help find the truth for many customers in many different areas. There are people who are now very happy and still keep in touch with us. Because Thanh Phat is a prestigious, quality detective office, many customers trust.

Services of Detective Company in Da nang prestige Thanh Phat:

    • Detective services admit adultery in Da Nang.
    • Supervision services for children, students.
    • Detective investigates car license plate number.
    • Detective find the missing person, lost, debtors fled.
    • Detective investigate anonymous phone numbers.
    • Detective services track the lover before marriage.
    • Detective Service Employee Supervision Company.
  • Detective services provide the information requested by the client.

What do you think is a reputable detective company in Da nang:

    • Is a detective office headquartered in Da Nang City: Staff will be well versed in the road as well as convenient to follow the target to follow.
    • A detective office with skilled staff, sensitive in every situation, supported modern detective equipment to do the job best.
    • The office is the customer ahead of the evaluation is a prestigious detective office Da Nang.
  • Always put the interests of customers and reach the final customer target is above all.

Why you should choose Thanh Phat Detective Agency:

  • With the motto “sincerely simple to long-term cooperation” our company has confirmed its position in the field of detective services for many years. Our company has helped a lot of people find the truth, relatives. Especially helping a lot of wives watching her husband in Da Nang.
  • Always dedicated, dedicated customer service, put the interests of customers above all, try to make efforts to provide customers with the information requested by customers.
  • The detective company in Da Nang is licensed to practice detective, with a team of professional and prestigious staff, sensitive in the work, along with the support of detective equipment most modern.
  • All information of our customers will be completely confidential. The company has a detective office located in Da Nang prestige, quality and most affordable in Da Nang City.


  •  monitoring and supervision by day: 1.000.000 Vnd / 1 Day.
  • services admit adultery: 1.000.000Vnd / 1 Day.
  •  supervision, supervision of children, supervision student – student: 1.000.000 VND / day.
  • Pre-marital love investigation service: 1.000.000 VND / 1 day.
  • Price detective in Da Nang investigation follow-up daughter in-law: 1.000.000 VND / day.
  • Debt Surveillance Service: From 1.000.000 VND / Day.
  • service investigates the owner of a car: Price from 3,000,000 Vnd.
  •  Investigation Service Phone Number: Price from 5.000.000 Vnd.
  • Detective to find people to leave home: Price from 5.000.000d.
  • Detective of company employee supervision: 1.000.00 Vnd / 1 day.

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